PLATE XII Subway Stories

PLATE XII  Subway Stories

PLATE XII Subway Stories

People reacted differently to Nora’s Underground tale. The parrot in particular became very excited again.


PLATE XI Family Resemblances

PLATE XI  Family Resemblances

PLATE XI Family Resemblances

Despite differing life paths there were distinct family resemblaces. Mary, Herman, Treadwell, Oliver, and even little Titus all liked to go barefoot whenever possible.

PLATE X An Unexpected Rescue


PLATE X  An Unexpected Rescue

Post-traumatic-stress-syndrome occurs as a result of many different reasons: a day at the beach, a visit to the castle, or even an unexpected rescue under difficult circumstances…

PLATE VIII The Penny Farthing Affair

PLATE VIII The Penny Farthing Affair

PLATE VIII The Penny Farthing Affair

Sir James Wyandotte was suddenly beset by visions. Was it the lecture he had attended at the Royal Geographical Society? Was it the unnatural motion of his new penny farthing? Or was it simply the vintage port he had so copiously imbibed?

PLATE VII The Great Pumpkin Match

PLATE VII The Great Pumpkin Match

PLATE VII The Great Pumpkin Match

It took place at Cairo, under a blazing sun. Jim had a hard time avoiding the pachyderm’s illegal serves.

PLATE VI Police Brutality

PLATE VI  Police Brutality

PLATE VI Police Brutality

Officer Finnigan took a dim view of domestic violence and was determined to interfere. But it wasn’t clear whether Eunice was running away from him or her boyfriend.