PLATE LXX A Farming Mishap

PLATE LXX  A Farming Mishap

PLATE LXX A Farming Mishap

It was no use blaming the rabbit. He had wanted MORE rabbits, not bigger rabbits. It must have been the GMO feed.




Silas was addicted to hot anti-freeze and used it to ameliorate any small misadventure he might sustain, self-inflicted or otherwise.

PLATE LXVIII Trouble at the Crossing

PLATE LXVIII  Trouble at the Crossing

PLATE LXVIII Trouble at the Crossing

The Squadron-Leader was dismayed to find himself stymied by the parrot. The bus driver was becoming impatient, and Hore-Belisha was no doubt turning in his grave.

PLATE LXVI Peeping Parrot

PLATE LXVI  Peeping PArrot

PLATE LXVI Peeping Parrot

Mindy raised her hands in alarm just as she was about to step into the bath. She really ought to get that hole in the wall fixed.