PLATE CIX Thalidomoid Boy

PLATE CIX  Thalidomoid Boy

PLATE CIX Thalidomoid Boy

The beat had set Parrot’s claw a-tappin’, but he was worried lest Rufus would get a cold in the Swiss air without his helmet.


PLATE CV Scrambled Eggs and Marmelade

PLATE CV  Scrambled Eggs and Marmelade

PLATE CV Scrambled Eggs and Marmelade

Parrot was perturbed and the marmelade cat was worried. One man’s meat was another man’s cannibalism.

PLATE CIV Hirst Parrot

PLATE CIV  Hirst Parrot

PLATE CIV Hirst Parrot

Betty wrestled with the title: “The Physical Impossibility of a Parrot Divided in the Mind of the Observer.” Surely a better solution would have been: “Psittacine Tryptich”?